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Hands On Cyber Security training Programs

Enterprise security challenges are being amplified by the unavailability of skilled manpower available to manage cybersecurity protocol across the globe. This requisites a need for sophisticated cyber security awareness programs designed to develop top notch cybersecurity professionals and leaders in a short time period and in a cost-effective manner. Nine18 Academy has partnered with Kaspersky, a reputed name in this industry, to provide best in class trainings that can be customized to your business needs.

Customizable Security Awareness Solutions

 Having worked comprehensively in the Middle east and South East Asia across partners in Government, Law Enforcement, Education, Military and Corporate, we understand your needs and are apltly equipped to guide your cybersecurity advancement efforts. Our suite of customizations is summarized below. 

Security Awareness Essential

The hassle-free option to rise employees cybersecurity awareness – simple to set up, easy to manage.

Security Awareness Advanced

Comprehensive training for bigger organizations who want a turnkey solution.

Security Awareness Ultimate

Ensures maximum cybersecurity awarem=ness, featuring customiztion and managed services.

What's Included

Security Awareness Essential
Security Awareness Advanced
Security Awareness Ultimate
Kaspersky Interactive Protective Simulation (KIPS)
Gamified Assessment Tool
Automated Security Awareness Platform
Cybersecurity for IT Online
Executive Training
Disconnected mobile quest

Exclusive Kaspersky Partnership

Cyber Security Courses

Gamified Assessment Tool (GAT)

KIPs (Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation)

ASAP (Automated Security Awareness Platform)

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Express Trainings

CXO trainings

Technical Courses

Courses related to advanced technical cyber
Security trainings are also available on demand. Courses include

Why Cyber Security

There is a national and global demand for cyber security professionals in the public as well as private domain. In India alone roughly 10 lakh cyber security professionals would be needed by 2025, against the available manpower of 3 lakh in 2023.