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Who is Cyber Security Awareness Trainings for 


Finance, Banking and Accounting Professionals​

The macroscale volume of funds movement combined with the massive number of microtransactions handled by financial services firms on a daily basis makes them a prime target for cyber attacks. ​


Government Employees​

The future of warfare is cyber. Internal and external threat actors from frenemy nations consistently attack key government infrastructure. In such a scenario training all employees in cyber safe practices for government organizations becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. 


Management Professionals

Being aware of cyber security challenges is the first step to preventing cyber attacks. Our awareness trainings also include a simulated cyber attack platform which helps management teams come together to understand the cyber security domain and their way around it.

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Business Owners​

Awareness programs have special sections ideal for small and medium business owners like the 8 hour express section course and a special course for Bank Card security to ensure cyber safe financial practices.  ​



Awareness programs outline best practices on social media usage to prevent cyber bullying and help identify phishing attempts aimed at stealing valuable information like personally identifiable information and financial information.


Non Tech / IT Professionals

Hackers are also targeting critical infrastructure related industries such as Hospitals, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy and others. Given 90% of cyber attacks happen due to human error it is necessary to arm professionals in these industries against cyber attacks. ​

About Awareness Trainings

Comprehensive, easy to understand completely online cyber security awareness trainings with a continuous learning cycle that helps builds strong, practical cyber-hygiene skills. Can be customized to varying needs of different employees and hierarchies. Has been Developed in association with Kaspersky.