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Why Invest In Cyber Security Trainings

For Tech Professionals

There is a national and global demand for cyber security professionals in the public as well as private domain. In India alone roughly 10 lakh cyber security professionals would be needed by 2025, against the available manpower of 3 lakh in 2023.

For Non-Tech Professionals

Cyber crime has claimed 5+ million victims since 2001. Cyber crime is expected to grow 15% year on year. 60% of cyber crimes are committed using spear phishing, an activity where confidential information is sought using a trusted sender. This is a favorite among 96% of hackers with fake Facebook accounts and fake emails being a classic example. If you are involved as a victim in a cyber crime and your company faces an attack, you may end up being fired. 

Cyber Security for Beginners​

A kick-starter cyber security essentials course that covers key definitions, cyber threat orientation, type of cyber attacks and attacker tools, personal and corporate protection as well as career paths. 

Ideal for: University Students and Professionals

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 2-4 Weeks

Cyber Security Fundamentals ​

A foundational cyber security baseline course that helps develop a working knowledge of key domains within cyber security including.

Ideal for: University Students and Professionals

Difficulty Level: Medium​       Duration: 4 Weeks