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with Interactive Hands on Training Programs​

Cyber Security for Beginners​

A kick-starter course for cyber security enthusiasts at the university or professional level with basic knowledge of IT systems. The cyber security essentials course covers key definitions, cyber threat orientation, type of cyber attacks and attacker tools, personal and corporate protection as well as career paths. Basic knowledge of information architecture, networks and protocol, operating systems and executable files is needed. 

Topics covered

Cyber Security Fundamentals

 Completely Online Cyber security fundamentals monthly course for computer science students and professionals which aims to provide a working knowledge of the domains within cyber security. Key domains touched upon during this course are – ​​

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is the bread and butter of cyber security professionals. This course deals with the methodology and techniques for penetration testing. The focus of the course is to help learners understand how to identify vulnerabilities at scale to mitigate. The course additionally encompasses trainings to advise system administrators, defenders, and others in the security team with extensive hands on lab exercises. 

Ideal for: Computer Science Professionals 

Difficulty Level: Expert​     Duration: 6 Months

Reverse Engineering 101​

Reverse Engineering is a core skill for malware analysis and threat hunting security teams – typically called the red team. Starting from basic concepts learners eventually dive into Intel assembly instructions, distinctive calling conventions and memory types, executable analysis and more to solidify their knowledge and skills. The course requires knowledge of programming concepts and basic expertise with Visual Studio IDE. 

Ideal for: Computer Professionals

Difficulty Level: Expert     Duration: 6 Months

Windows Incident Response

With a heavy focus on practice to master incident detection, this course takes mid level cyber security professionals through all the stages of a real life incident based ransomware attack. Concentrating digital forensics, incident response and management into a single course is done via a simulated environment and super structured theoretical knowledge sharing sessions.  

Ideal for: Mid Level Cyber Security Professionals  

Difficulty Level: Expert     Duration: 6 Months

Security Operations and Threat Hunting

Practical, tried and tested Security Operations Training Program with 100 hours of practice in a virtual lab to apply and solidify newly learnt concepts in incident detection and investigation. Covers a wide range of security expertise starting from roles, services and use cases, modern attack tactics, techniques, procedures and attack management. 

Ideal for: Entry level / Mid Level Cyber Security Professionals 

Difficulty Level: Expert​     Duration: 6 Months

Advanced Malware Analysis​

Advanced Malware Analysis Techniques is at the core an advanced static analysis which aids identification of malicious code by determining functionalities. The course also features detailed sessions on automation of decryption, decoding  among others. The course is aimed at helping established reverse engineers, incident responders & digital forensics specialists level-up their work on cybersecurity incidents and become unique experts. Ideal for cyber security experts with at least 2 years of experience in malware analysis and significant knowledge of programming languages. 

Ideal for: Mid / Upper Level Cyber Security Professionals   

Difficulty Level: Expert     Duration: 6 Months

Digital Forensics​

This course helps build comprehensive digital forensics knowledge by providing the tools to analyse forensics data, track user activity, recover missing data and organize findings for pending investigations and incident response. The course aims to help users understand the how’s of vvalidating security tools, empowering vulnerability assessments, identifying insider threats, tracking malicious activity and improving security policies. 

Ideal for:  Entry level / Mid Level Cyber Security Professionals  

Difficulty Level: Medium     Duration: 2 Months