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with existing customers through on-demand security tech-trainings​

Why Invest In Cyber Security Trainings

For Partners

The global market for trainings is projected to grow by about 8% year on year to $493 Billion by 2030. The cyber security market at around 12% during the same time period to $500 Billion. 66% of CIOs plan to increase investments in cyber security over the next two years. 

Given the same the cyber security trainings market is expected to grow to $266 billion as early as 2027. Get in touch with us to unlock a new revenue stream from cyber security trainings. 

Product Line​

Existing Technology Trainings​

We offer a variety of tool trainings in partnership with Kaspersky as their first of its kind authorized training center in India. Product lines and trainings covered are shown below. The trainings are ideal for experienced professionals and last less than a week. 


Key Training Modules​

Express Trainings

A short version of cyber security awareness
trainings in consumable 20 minute lessons to help
anyone master online cyber safe behaviour. Each of the
6 major cybersecurity topics are covered in
combinations of interactive theoretical lessons, videos
and tests. Topics covered include –

Awareness trainings

An automated security awareness training portfolio that can be customized to the needs of the user. Isa completely online interactive training conveniently divided into units, or different study topics and difficulty levels. Courses cover best practices on information hygiene, identifying security threats, understanding legal responsibilities and protection against targeted attacks. 

Ideal for: Non Tech Students and Professionals

Difficulty Level: Easy​     Duration: Customizable (Upto 1 year)