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Why Invest In Enterprise CyberSecurity Trainings

For Enterprise

As of 2023, there has been a registered hacker attack every 39 seconds, totaling 800,000 cyber attacks till may. 54% of surveyed companies confessed that their organization has a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The challenge for companies is not just data protection but also reputation management. The increased attack surface, which is directly proportional to the number of employees, results in massive cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Hence, an enterprise cybersecurity program, including enterprise cybersecurity training courses, is a must-have for organizations of all sizes to implement a zero-trust cybersecurity mandate, safeguarding their assets and reputation.

CXO CyberSecurity Training

A specialized instructor led 2-day workshop for CXO’s to enhance their understanding of enterprise cybersecurity and the risks it poses to modern enterprises. The workshop also includes a strategic business simulation that immerses key decision makers in the roles of it security teams, aiming to manage or evade cyber attacks. The objective is to develop a robust cyber defense strategy by selecting from among the best proactive and reactive controls available. Each response by the teams to unfolding events alters the scenario’s trajectory and ultimately impacts the company’s profitability. By balancing engineering, business, and security priorities against the costs of a realistic cyberattack, the teams analyze data and make strategic decisions based on uncertain information and limited resources. This workshop serves as an integral part of the enterprise cybersecurity training courses, contributing to the overall enterprise information security program.

Awareness Trainings

Enhance your Enterprise Cybersecurity program with customizable online training courses. Covering information hygiene, threat identification, legal responsibilities, and defense against targeted attacks, these courses ensure comprehensive protection for your organization.

Product Line​

Existing Technology Trainings​

We’re the first authorized training center in India partnered with Kaspersky, offering enterprise cybersecurity training courses. Our program covers various product lines, ideal for experienced professionals, and lasts less than a week.

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