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Kaspersky Container Security

The course covers containerization technologies, container infrastructures and secure development. It also
introduces container orchestration and related security challenges. Potential attack vectors against container
infrastructures are described, as well as best practices for their protection and risk mitigation. The course also
explains how Kaspersky Container Security can protect container infrastructures taking into account these
challenges and best practices.

The theoretical part of the course and hands-on labs provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to:

What’s new in course version 1.1

  • Protect container infrastructures using Kaspersky Container Security agents
  • Scan containers for vulnerabilities, malicious code, configuration errors and confidential data
  • Integrate the security solution into the CI/CD pipeline

  • Product installation 
  • Scope configuration
  • Runtime profile configuration 

Requirements for participants

Basic Linux administration skills. Basic knowledge of information security principles. Basic knowledge of
containerization technologies is desirable.
The course is intended for container infrastructure operations engineers, security specialists and administrators,
technical support and pre-sales engineers.

Ideal for: System Administrators, Security Experts and Administrators, Technical Support and Presale Engineers.

Duration: 1 Day

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