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Why Invest In Cyber Security Trainings

For Universities

As the gap between the number of cyber security professionals available vs needed in the workforce increases, industry will turn to educational institutes and  universities to create cyber security degrees with security degrees. As cyber security information spreads and cyber security challenges increase, institutes starting now will be in a better position to tap the global cyber security professionals market in the coming years.    ​

Cyber Security Degree Programs​


Cyber Security Bachelors Program

The B.Tech degree curriculum starts with fundamental computer science courses to give students a solid foundation. Specialized cybersecurity courses covered include, techniques and technologies used to secure computer networks, defend against intrusion and investigate plus remedy breaches.

Graduates will be well versed in cybersecurity theory and have hands-on experience configuring security tools, performing vulnerability assessments, operating during all types of security breaches and more.Targeted exercises in a cyber lab deepens learning and gives students valuable exposure that employers seek. 

Benefits of Partnering with Us 

Having passed out from esteemed institutes like IITs, NITs, IIMs and more, we understand the Indian education landscape. Which is why we have created a course curriculum that can be appended to existing university programs with the following benefits for universities –