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with hands on training programs that help unlock the potential of your existing Kaspersky tech stack

Why Invest In Cyber Security Trainings

For Security Customers

The average cost of a ransomware attack is $1.85 Million. With 2200 cyber attacks per day, 71% of businesses reported falling a victim to ransomware attacks in 2022. While investing in digital security and cyber protection tools helps, a rigid training program that focuses on helping the cyber security expert best use the available tech stack is a necessary cyber security management gimmick. 

Product Line​

CXO Cyber Security Training

A specialized instructor led 2 day workshop for CXOs to help better understand Cyber Security and the risks it entails for modern enterprise. The workshop also involves a strategic business simulation that places key decision makers in the shoes of IT security teams with the objective of managing or evading cyber attacks. The idea is to build a cyber defense strategy by making choices from amongst the best pro-active and re-active controls available. Every reaction made by the teams to the unfolding events changes the way the scenario plays out, and ultimately how much profit the company makes or fails to make. Balancing engineering, business, and security priorities against the cost of a realistic cyberattack, the teams analyze data and make strategic decisions based on uncertain information and limited resources

Awareness trainings

An automated security awareness training portfolio that can be customized to the needs of the user. Isa completely online interactive training conveniently divided into units, or different study topics and difficulty levels. Courses cover best practices on information hygiene, identifying security threats, understanding legal responsibilities and protection against targeted attacks. 

Ideal for: Non Tech Students and Professionals

Difficulty Level: Easy     Duration: Customizable (Upto 1 year)