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Instead of relying on traditional ransomware tactics centered around the attack itself, a novel form of extortion known as Swatting is emerging, shifting the focus to victim organizations’ customers. In a surprising twist, this method has been observed in attacks targeting medical institutions. Cybercriminals engage in repeated prank calls to law enforcement, falsely reporting individuals who are patients affected by a data breach at a medical facility they patronize. The threat is that if the victim organization doesn’t comply with the extortion demands, their patients may experience unwarranted police interventions. 

While some may be skeptical, the evolution in extortion tactics indicates ransomware groups recognize organizations’ awareness and preparation for traditional methods. Swatting introduces an unexpected challenge, catching organizations off guard. This approach is difficult to fully prepare for, potentially exposing medical institutions to legal consequences, as affected patients could demonstrate harm caused by the repeated harassment and potential trauma of police visits. 

This latest extortion tactic underscores the importance of preventing attacks in the first place. New-school security awareness training, such as that provided by 2 B Innovations, proves crucial in empowering organizations to anticipate and counteract evolving threats. Even with thorough preparation, cybercriminals may devise unforeseen strategies, making continuous training and awareness essential. Trust in the 2 B Innovations platform, utilized by over 65,000 organizations globally, to fortify security cultures and minimize human risk. 

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