The cloud revolution is here, and businesses are rapidly migrating applications and data.  AppDeveloper Magazine reports a staggering 75% of tech leaders are building new features and products entirely in the cloud.  However, a critical skills gap is emerging.  Only 8% of technologists possess the necessary cloud security expertise. 

 This presents a golden opportunity for those with the foresight to invest in cloud security training.  The SANS Cloud Security Curriculum equips you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to become a highly sought-after cloud security expert. 

Focus on the Future of Cloud Security

SANS goes beyond teaching current cloud practices.  Our curriculum prepares you for the evolving landscape of cloud security, ensuring you’re equipped for the cutting-edge future.

Cloud Ace Podcast: Explore the Full Spectrum of Cloud Security

Season 2 of the Cloud Ace Podcast is live!  SANS Fellow Frank Kim takes the helm as host, guiding you through a comprehensive exploration of cloud security topics.  From multi-cloud and public cloud to containers, threat detection, and DevSecOps, Cloud Ace covers it all.  Find it wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more here: [link to Cloud Ace Podcast]. 

Cloud Security Training Tailored for Your Role

In the cloud, applications, code, and automation reign supreme.  The SANS Cloud Security Curriculum reflects this reality with a holistic approach encompassing a range of courses suited for various experience levels:  

  • New to Cloud? We offer foundational training to kickstart your cloud security journey. 
  • Seasoned Cloud Professional? Deepen your expertise with advanced, hands-on, and highly technical training. 

Training for All Cloud Security Roles

Whether you’re a developer, architect, engineer, analyst, manager, or someone entirely new to cybersecurity seeking a career in cloud security, the SANS Cloud Security Curriculum has something for you.  We offer specialized training for specific cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, and multi-cloud environments. 

A Clear Path to Cloud Security Mastery

SANS has meticulously designed the curriculum to align with industry job roles and training needs.  We guide students through a natural progression within their chosen cloud security profession, from foundational concepts to advanced specialization. 

Become the Cloud Security Expert Your Organization Needs

The cloud revolution demands a skilled workforce.  Bridge the cloud security skills gap and position yourself as a valuable asset with the SANS Cloud Security Curriculum. Enroll today and take your career to new heights! 

Chart Your Course to Cloud Security Mastery with 2B Innovations

The cloud revolution is reshaping the tech landscape, but a critical skills gap is emerging. Businesses are rapidly migrating applications and data, yet only a fraction of IT professionals possess the necessary cloud security expertise.  This presents a golden opportunity for those who invest in the right training. 

2B Innovations’ Cloud Security Curriculum equips you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to become a highly sought-after cloud security expert.  Here’s why our program is the perfect choice for you: 

Find Your Starting Point: A Clear Path to Success

We understand that everyone’s journey is unique.  That’s why we’ve defined clear levels within our curriculum to help you find the best starting point: 

  • Baseline: These courses establish the fundamental skills every information security professional working in cloud security needs, regardless of their specific role (practitioner or manager). 
  • Foundational: Build a solid knowledge base with introductory courses that equip you with the essential skillset for the cloud security industry. 
  • Core: Sharpen your focus and prepare for specialized job functions within cloud security, such as architect, engineer, analyst, developer, or manager. 
  • Specialization: Deepen your expertise with advanced training designed for critical, specialized roles in cloud security. 
  • Management: Elevate your leadership skills. These courses empower managers and directors to develop cloud security roadmaps, procurement models, and comprehensive policies and procedures. 

Why Choose 2B Innovations for Cloud Security Training & Certification?

  • Security-Focused, Technical Training: Learn the practical skills needed to effectively secure cloud services and workloads. 
  • Holistic, Curated Curriculum: Our program is designed to address the specific needs of various cloud security job roles and focus areas. 
  • Multi-Cloud Mastery: Gain expertise across the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) through comprehensive training and comparisons. 
  • Hands-On Labs: Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Our immersive labs provide extensive practical experience in deploying and securing cloud environments using virtual machines, lab settings, and repeatable exercises. 
  • World-Class Instructors: Benefit from the knowledge and real-world experience of our distinguished instructors, who are industry leaders and security practitioners. 
  • Comprehensive Courseware: Retain key learning points with access to slides, notes, audio files, and lab materials for future reference. 
  • Certification Prep: Prepare for success with specialized training that helps you excel on GIAC cloud security certifications. 

Intensive, Immersive Training with Immediate Applicability

2B Innovations goes beyond theory.  We provide real-world, hands-on training through re-deployable labs and a wealth of free training resources.  Our curriculum is built on industry consensus and takes a holistic approach, addressing public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments for businesses of all sizes.  Don’t limit yourself to a single platform!  Prepare for the future with in-depth technical skills and security knowledge across the major cloud service providers. 

Invest in your future with 2B Innovations’ Cloud Security Curriculum. Enroll today and become the cloud security expert your organization needs! 


The cloud security skills gap presents a lucrative opportunity for those with the foresight to upskill.  Whether you’re new to cloud security or a seasoned professional, 2B Innovations’ Cloud Security Curriculum provides a clear path to mastery.  Our program offers a holistic approach with security-focused training, hands-on labs, and multi-cloud expertise.  Enroll today and become the highly sought-after cloud security expert your organization needs! 

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