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Imagine your corporate castle, protected by high walls and vigilant guards. But what if a secret backdoor remained wide open, accessible to anyone willing to find it? This is the reality for many organizations with their endpoints, the laptops, desktops, and mobile devices used by employees. 

While servers and data centers often receive constant security attention, endpoints are frequently overlooked, creating a major security risk. These devices: 

  • Provide access to critical business applications: Sensitive information and systems are just a click away for users on these devices. 
  • Carry elevated privileges: IT tasks on different operating systems often require higher-level access, making compromised endpoints even more dangerous. 
  • Are vulnerable to insider threats and social engineering: A malicious employee or a well-crafted phishing attempt can easily exploit endpoint vulnerabilities

The alarming statistics paint a clear picture:

  • 81% of organizations prioritize endpoint security, highlighting its critical role in today’s complex IT landscape. 
  • Hybrid work environments increase risk: Remote access and diverse devices create challenges for traditional security measures. 
  • 69% outsource endpoint protection, suggesting a lack of internal resources or expertise. 
  • Only 47% have 24/7 network monitoring and 50% encrypt sensitive data, leaving significant vulnerabilities unaddressed. 

It’s time to close the backdoor. In the next blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies for strengthening your endpoint security posture and protecting your organization from costly breaches and insider attacks. 

Secure Your Endpoints Like a Boss: Top 5 Recommendations from 2B Innovations

Worried about an army of endpoints leaving your castle vulnerable? Don’t sweat it! 2B Innovations has your back with 5 essential recommendations for bulletproof endpoint security: 

1. Know Your Players: Mapping End Users

Deploying endpoint security for a massive army of devices can be daunting. But fear not! With 2B’s Automated Profiling, you can seamlessly integrate and create profiles for all your endpoints without disrupting workflows. It gathers data, identifies profiles, and determines access areas in just 30 days, saving you precious time and effort. 

2. Unified Command: Controlling User Profiles

Multiple user levels across departments? No problem! 2B’s Centralized Profiling lets you manage and control existing and new profiles with ease. It enables granular segregation within each department and allows setting default profiles for users, groups, endpoints, and OS types. This keeps your admin team organized and in control. 

3. Data Defense: Contextualizing Information

In today’s data deluge, understanding “where,” “what,” and “who” is crucial. 2B’s Data Intellect empowers you to classify and categorize critical data, ensuring only authorized users have access. It identifies risky files and prevents unauthorized access or transfer, keeping your data assets safe and sound. 

4. Password Powerhouse: Enforcing Credential Vaulting

Weak passwords are security nightmares. 2B’s Credential Rotation tackles this head-on by vaulting and rotating credentials for all endpoints. Admins can create strict password policies for length, character types, and non-repetition, eliminating password misuse and unauthorized access threats. 

5. Need-to-Know, Need-to-Do: Access Control on Steroids

Imagine someone requesting app access for a task… and then going rogue. Not with 2B! Their Just-in-Time Privilege Elevation grants one-time access based on roles and profiles. The duration is pre-scheduled, and privileges are revoked automatically after the task, adhering to the “Least Privileges” principle and upholding Zero Trust architecture. 

6. Policy Powerhouse: Complying with Baseline Policies

Unapproved data modifications can wreak havoc on security, integrity, and confidentiality. 2B’s File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) acts as your digital watchdog, continuously monitoring critical system and configuration files for unauthorized changes. It alerts IT, admins, instantly, enabling prompt action and ensuring compliance with your security policies. 

7. Data Exfiltration Fortress: Eliminating Data Loss

Connecting mobile devices or removable storage can be a data security nightmare. 2B’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) acts as your data security firewall, restricting such devices from accessing data assets at any point. Even mobile Bluetooth connections are blocked, eliminating the risk of silent data exfiltration.

8. Double Down on Security: Implementing Strong Authentication

Need an extra layer of security for specific endpoints? 2B’s Two-factor Authentication provides an additional validation step for Windows login, critical applications, and sensitive URLs. This multi-factor shield verifies and re-verifies user activities, ensuring only authorized access. 

9. Proactive Protection: Identifying Anomalous Profiles

Modern security demands prediction, not just prevention. 2B’s User Behaviour Analytics uses advanced Machine Learning and AI to detect anomalous user behavior in real time. Each user receives a risk-based score, helping risk managers make informed decisions about access permissions. 

10. Application Armor: Isolating Malicious Threats

Malicious applications can bring your IT world crashing down. 2B’s Application Security acts as your malware defense system, detecting and blacklisting malicious applications and URLs. It even allows temporary whitelisting when needed, ensuring continuous protection and control.  

Remember, endpoint security is an ongoing battle. With 2B Innovations as your partner, you can build an impenetrable fortress, safeguarding your precious data and ensuring a secure digital environment for your entire organization.  

Stay tuned for more insights and solutions from 2B Innovations!

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